9 Cork Craft Projects

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Cork makes a great crafting item because it is porous, flexible, heat resistant, and is easily cut. Best of all, cork is a natural material that can be used in a number of ways.

1. Cork People and Animals
Cork stoppers make adorable little people and animals. To make a cork people, glue together two large corks: one cork for head and one cork for body. Then glue on two little corks for legs. Once dry, add wiggle eyes to face or decorate with markers. Dress up your cork person with miniature felt clothing and ribbons. For finishing touches, use craft hair and decorate with buttons or sequins. Add arms if desired. To make a cork dog, glue together two pieces of cork for body and head. Use three small corks for legs. Create ears and tail by cutting small cork in half with scissors then glueing them in place. Once glue dries, add wiggle eyes and a small button for nose. What other animals can you make?

2. Cork Shapes
Make fun cork shapes from cork sheets using cookie cutters! You can also create stencils by printing out shapes on your computer and then stapling cork sheets to the back. Kids will love cutting out the printed shapes. Some shape ideas: butterflies, ladybugs, alphabet letters, dinosaurs, cupcakes, and so on. Add magnetic strips to the back of your shapes and use as mini memo boards on your refrigerator or locker.

3. Paint Stamps
You can make useful stampers from cork stoppers. Carve out any shape you like, dip into paint (ink does not absorb well into the cork), and start paint-stamping. You can also use cork stoppers to create unique effects when painting. If ink stamping is your passion, hot glue some buttons to the top of your cork stoppers to make cute button stamps.

4. Trivet
Cork absorbs heat and resists moisture, making it an ideal material for trivets. That's why Hygloss makes cork coasters for you to personalize with paint, glitter or ribbons. Use cork sheets or cork bottle stopper for different shapes and styles.

5. Decorative Door Chimes
Drill a hole all the way through the center of the cork stopper vertically. Find a nice ribbon or tassel and two bells or chimes. Knot the end of the ribbon with a few decorative knots. Slide the first bell onto the tassel or ribbon and then slide the cork onto the ribbon. Slide the last bell onto the ribbon above the cork stopper. Attach the top end of the ribbon to your doorknob or top of your door so that when people walk in, a pleasant bell chime will inform you of their arrival.

6. Place Cards
The next time you are having a dinner party, use your cork stoppers as place card holders. Simply make a small slit in the cork top, and place name cards into each one to let guests know where they will be sitting. Kids can decorate the corks or the name cards or both. Use corks to hold food labels at your buffet table to inform guests what dish they will be partaking in, as well. Place cards can be used on the first day of school to welcome kids to a new desk or chair and at the art or science fair to tell people whose project they are enjoying.

7. Memo Board
This is a handy cork craft for classrooms, kitchen or anywhere you like hanging up pictures, notes or reminders. Cut your corks in half vertically and glue to any surface or framed backing. Line them up one next to the other, or make unique patterns from your cork stoppers. Decorate with words, names or fun items.

8. Cork Jewelry
Use decorated cork stoppers in place of beads for unique and funky jewelry items that your kids will love. Corks can be used to make cell phone charms, bookmarks and zipper pulls, as well.

9. Coasters and Project Pads
Use cork sheets to make personalized cork coasters. Have children decorate their own coasters with pictures, patterns and names. This idea can also be used to make convenient project pads. This is a large sheet of cork (decorated for kids by kids, of course) that is placed in front of each child as a surface to work on during arts and crafts. This keeps the project supplies in one area, easily accessible to each child, and it prevents the original surface from getting ruined, cut or stained by scissors, glue, markers or paints. This is one accessory that no home or classroom should be without!
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