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  Bucket O` Beads Econo Size
Bucket O` Beads Econo Size

Get multiples of the colored craft beads you love, including pony beads, starburst beads and more in our convenient economy size package. Begin crafting today with our quality craft beads (beading thread is included).

  • Faceted, Barrel Pony, Neon Barrel Pony, Tri-Beads, Starburst, Mulit-mix, Straw Beads, Striped Straw, Heart Pony, Neon Heart Pony, Star Pony, Butterfly Pony

  • Why settle for less when you can have more? Here are some ideas to use all those fun craft beads. String beds onto your beading thread for fun education and skill development all in one. Kids can practice threading craft beads randomly or purposefully to make beautiful jewelry items. Necklaces, friendship bracelets, and anklets are some favorite crafts with beads.

    Kids who aren't into the jewelry making crafts, can enjoy creating a unique keychain, bookmark or cell phone rope from their craft beads. Add fun 3-dimensional effects to the standard arts and crafts projects using a little bit of glue and your crafts beads. Fill two paper plates with beads and seal close with a stapler for an instant tambourine. You can attach colorful ribbons around the edge as well for added beauty and amusement for the kids. Put on a concert and dance around the room with children to help release energy after a long period of sitting still. Kids will come back to their seats refreshed and able to concentrate better on the new material at hand.

    Build up those skills without kids ever knowing that they are learning or enhancing their aptitude. With so many craft beads, your kids will never be bored again! Econo size bead buckets come with beading thread, too.

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