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Plastic Color Counters

Use our colorful plastic counters to demonstrate and reinforce basic math skills. Plastic counters are also useful as game pieces, for crafts projects and other creative activities.

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59100 Colored Discs - 100 Opaque Discs Bagged
59101 Colored Discs - 100 Translucent Discs Bagged
59500 Colored Discs - 500 Opaque Discs in a Container
59050 Colored Discs - 500 Translucent Discs in a Container
59150 Counters - 150 Counters Bagged
59151 Counters - 150 Overhead Counters Bagged
59400 Counters - 400 Counters in a Container
59401 Counters - 400 Overhead Counters in a Container
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  • Opaque and Translucent (Overhead)
  • Quantities of 100, 150, 400 & 500

  • Use these colorful counters to help demonstrate and reinforce math skills. Hold children's attention with these brightly colored counters and focus their bodies by letting them hold the plastic counters in their hands and manipulate them on the desk or board. Number counters are the ideal tools for teaching young children to count and recognize number and letter forms. Make projects using your counters in which children can feel, hold, and position the counters into letters, numbers or simple geometric shapes. This style of tactile learning is a guaranteed method for improved comprehension and retention.

    Learning patterns and sequences can be difficult for many children, but colorful counters can help them along. Make up a pattern for the child to copy for beginners to the concept. As the child grows in understanding, increase the difficulty level by creating patterns and sequences that he or she should continue. Make sequences longer and more complicated as you see your student or child climbing the rungs of comprehension. Play cooperative sorting games with your plastic counters. Ask each child or group to sort the circles into different color groups. This not only helps kids learn their colors, but it strengthens differential understanding and selectivity.

    When kids need a time off from mental exercises, give them some exciting free play games that can also be played with their colorful counters. Tiddlywinks is always a favorite among a group of friends, and these plastic counters are just the things for this game. Translucent counters work well for bingo games because they let you see the numbers even after they've been called and covered. Number counters come in a wide variety of colors in opaque or translucent circles that you can use as game pieces, educational tools or decorative extras. Bring out their smiles today with this unique item from Hygloss.

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