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Dippity Dye Shapes - 36 Butterflies
Our Price: $4.99
Dippity Dye Shapes - Butterflies
36 Shapes
7 Different Shapes: Star, Heart, Butterfly, Egg, Turkey, Flower, Leaf

Dippity dye paper is a specially formulated painting paper that is just the thing you need for all your painting projects and other colorful craft needs. Why is dippity dye such an ideal paper for all these crafts? Because these papers are each designed to absorb water and not tear under the pressure. You and your kids will marvel as you watch the dippity dye paper absorb different colors of dye. You can use our unique blend of non toxic color dyes in blue, red, green, and yellow to make stunning projects. These dyes are washable so you don't have to worry about staining your hands or discoloring your clothing. In a pinch, though, you can even use dippity dye paper with dyed liquids such as Kool-aid or food colorants. These crafts are similar to tie dying, with one advantage; we leave out all the mess involved in typical tie dye projects. Making dippity dye projects is super simple. Mix the colored dye with water as per directions, each color in a separate container. Now you can crinkle, fold or bend your paper into various patterns. All that's left to do is dip and dye! You will be amazed at how beautiful the results are as you see the color slowly absorb into the paper. Use a variety of colors, and watch them blend for unique multicolor effects. The different folds and textures you give to the paper at the beginning will also produce variant and lovely effects. Avoid the mess and hassle involved in ordinary tie dye projects by using the versatile and exiting dippity dye paper. Everyone loves dippity dye because it's simple enough for children to handle on their own yet thrilling enough to entertain teens and adults, as well. Use dippity dye paper as a fantastic summer craft that everyone can enjoy.


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