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Holographic Poster Board Super Strips 1"x8" - 100 Non-Gummed Holographic Chain Strips
Our Price: $3.49
Holographic Poster Board Super Strips 1"x8"
Holographic poster board is an eye catching medium for posters, bulletin boards displays and craft projects. Your kids will make beautiful paper chains with these pre-cut 1"x8" strips. Each package comes with 100 strips made of our unique holographic paper.
Holographic Paper - Self-Adhesive Holographic Card Stock
Holographic Paper Holographic Paper
Use self-adhesive holographic paper and watch simple crafts projects take on supernatural dimensions. Holographic paper from card stock is an eye catching medium for posters, bulletin boards displays and craft projects.
Holographic Paper Rolls
Our Price: $14.99
Holographic Paper Rolls
Use holographic paper rolls to easily transform the ordinary into something astonishing.

Holographic paper is a novelty for everyone because of the unusual light refracting nature. Holograms seem to move along with you as different shapes or images appear depending on how you look at the holographic paper. Children will especially adore this amusing arts and crafts addition.

Holographic craft paper can make beautiful and exciting greeting cards. This can be done in two ways. You can give each child a piece of cardstock paper and a square of adhesive holographic paper. Children can then position the adhesive holographic paper anywhere on their cardstock card they choose. Now let kids cut out letters and pictures using the remaining adhesive holographic paper, and stick it anywhere on or in the card they like.

Alternatively, each child can receive a cardstock-based holographic paper. Either way, use permanent markers or glitter paint to write a sweet message and sign your name inside this beautiful and personalized card. Self-adhesive holographic paper is also a fun material to use for creating your very own stickers. Trace or draw funky shapes, letters, numbers or anything else. Then just peel away the backing paper and stick away.

Holographic paper is also a real hit around the holidays. Not only does holographic craft paper make great decorations, ornaments and signs, but you can also dress up the classroom or home using this neat trick. Take several empty boxes in various sizes and cover them with holographic paper. Arrange nicely in a prominent area for an instantly festive mood. Of course, holographic paper works well as real gift wrapping as well.

Holographic craft paper is the perfect thing for jazzing up a boring present or for adding a fun detail to a simple project. Choose from sheets, rolls and poster board to ensure that your holographic craft paper is perfectly suited to your needs. Remember that holographic paper is acid free and lignin free making it a great material for kids to work with. These features also make holographic paper great for scrapbooking and memory albums because they won't fade with time. Use as backgrounds for exciting pages or individual and page embellishments.



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