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Mylar Rolls 54 Mylar Rolls
Mylar Rolls 54 Mylar Rolls
Single Colors
24 in x 8.3 ft.
54 Mylar Rolls in a variety of colors
24 in. x 8.3 ft.

Mylar rolls are slightly reflective and ultra glossy sheets that can be used for riveting art projects and everyday classroom uses. Because Mylar has UV inhibitors, a Mylar roll is often used as a protective layer over glass. It is also a great scratch resistant film, making a Mylar roll the ideal wrapping for sensitive items. Make projects, awards and signs really pop out by switching ordinary paper for these reflective Mylar rolls. Use permanent markers on your Mylar rolls to create impressive and lasting effects.

Mylar paper makes a fun dust jacket or book cover for textbooks, notebooks, or novels that you want to protect. Tape down edges tightly, and the reflective nature of Mylar rolls just adds to the excitement of the book. Mylar needs no decoration, but you can print or cut out letter to make a title or a child's name on a photo album or notebook, if you wish.

Mylar rolls can be used to make simple sun catchers, as well. Cut a Mylar roll into various shapes and press onto clear contact paper. Leave space between the Mylar shapes so you can then adhere the sticky contact paper to a window. Because Mylar is so durable, it is an ideal material for making multiple use stencils. Trace a shape onto your Mylar paper roll and cut out. You now have a stencil that can be used over and over again. Cut out shapes and details to enhance a project or decorate a simple surface.

Dress up bland wrapping paper with Mylar effects or use as an exciting wrapping paper on its own. Mylar rolls are the perfect way to add excitement and interest to everything.



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