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Captain Creative Sponges Sponge Sheets
Creative Sponges Sponge `Ums Sheets
You are sure to make the perfect sponge craft with our wide variety of Hygloss craft sponges. Check out our transportation, sea life, bug and shaped sponges. Resilient, highly versatile Sponge Sheets are terrific for sponge painting on walls, making borders and for t-shirt design.
Sponge `Ums People
Our Price: $7.99
Sponge `Ums People
Sponge painting with Sponge People is a terrific crafts project that kids of all ages will adore.
Craft sponges are wonderful tools for adding a unique texture and style to an arts and crafts or décor project. Hygloss' top of the line craft sponges are made from high quality and resilient cellulose. Teachers and parents will appreciate this feature because it will allow kids to craft easily without worrying about sponge particles falling off into the ink or finished product. In addition, adults will love the fact that these long lasting craft sponges will not deteriorate with time, so frequent replacements will not be necessary.

Craft sponges can be used to make hundreds of creative crafting projects. Use a craft sponge to make adorable t-shirt print projects. Using a machine washable dye, press craft sponges of any shape onto a t-shirt. Make fun patterns and designs and allow to dry for a unique wardrobe extension. Kids will also have a ball help their parents and teachers make unique wallpaper borders for classrooms or bedrooms using fun shaped craft sponges. This is a wonderful activity to help kids become involved in an otherwise kids-exclusive activity. Craft sponges are particularly fun in the summer time because they are an easy excuse to keep kids working with water and well hydrated.

Get adorable people shaped craft sponges or sweet heart shapes that will make sentimental souvenirs. Colorful holiday shapes are available, as well as garden craft sponge shapes. Educators can use letter shaped craft sponges to teach and reinforce important concepts. From crafts to concepts, innovative craft sponges from Hygloss can make the experience enjoyable for kids and adults.
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