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Styrofoam Alphabet
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Styrofoam Alphabet Letters
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Get Styrofoam letters and watch kids learn the abc in a fun and hands-on way.
Styrofoam is a versatile crafting tool that enables educators, crafters and kids to make sensational projects and display items. The durable nature of Hygloss' Styrofoam shapes lends itself to making sturdy and professional art projects that will look genuine and stand up to wear and tear. At the same time, our Styrofoam balls, shapes and discs are pliable enough to cut through easily. So you can get that perfect Styrofoam block, size, shape or cut effortlessly. Styrofoam crafts range from simple toddler projects to complex college level props and functions, but one similarity remains. Hygloss' Styrofoam is always easy to work with and will produce beautiful results.

Make wall art, table decor, classroom decorations, project fairs, and other unique arts and crafts projects that are fun to create and display. Craft Styrofoam is easy to cut and decorate, making it an ideal material to use for a plethora of other functions as well. Styrofoam letters and numbers will help educators enrich their children's knowledge of these two vital concepts. Let your kids have fun painting, decorating and styling Styrofoam numbers and letters. When they're done, display these works of art in a prominent area that will help reinforce the building blocks of their education. Cover a Styrofoam shape completely with any material or craft supply for varying lovely results. Build cities, buildings, and other structures using your craft Styrofoam shapes. Make props for a performance or scenery items, durable masks and other costume effects.

The beauty of our pre-cut shapes means you don't have to fiddle around with an x-acto knife or scissors cutting shapes of your own. This is not just more time-conscious and less of a headache for adults, but it is also the safest method of involving kids with Styrofoam crafts. Hygloss Styrofoam shapes are available in a variety of packaging options. In addition to our regular packages, we have bulk packs, great for economy or classroom shopping. Get crafting today with this unique specialty item only from Hygloss.
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