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Black Cat Paper Bag Puppet

Halloween is the spookiest holiday of them all and makes for fun kids crafting projects! Take a few minutes out of your class time or homework project to make a fun and interactive Black Cat Paper Bag Puppet using a few elements and a couple of crafting staple items.


HyglossGusseted Flat-Bottom Bags

Hygloss Bright Tag




Orient the bottom of the bag to face you. Make sure that the flat-bottom of the bag is at the top and that crease is facing you so that when you operate the puppet that the bottom of the bag will be the cats face.


Cut out and glue your cat puppets eyes using Hygloss Bright Tag. We suggest that you use colored cardstock of colored paper because it is thicker and sturdier, but colored paper or construction paper works just as well.


We suggest that before you cut out the cat puppets ears and nose in the pink Bright Tag that you draw them first so you can better judge what size (proportion) they want to be to the cats overall face.

Carefully cut out the three pink shapes which will make the cats ears and nose. If you draw and cut near the edge of the sheet you can get lots of shapes out of a single piece of paper! 


Similar to Step 3, draw out the shapes of the cat puppets belly and whiskers on a piece of white cardstock or white copy paper. Remember, if you draw near the edge of the page you will not have to cut as much and you can get more shapes out of a single piece of paper. 

Carefully cut out the black cat puppets belly and six rectangle shapes to make his kitty whiskers!


Draw and cut out your cat puppets bow tie using any colored Bright Tag or colored stock. We chose orange to make him a Halloween cat but you can choose any color you like.

Now it’s time to apply your small shapes to make your cat’s face and tie!


Carefully apply a small dab of glue to the backs of each of your colored pieces and apply them to your cat. Be sure to glue one end of whiskers and apply to either side of the nose so that the other end of the whiskers will stick out from his face. 


Using Black Bright Tag (or black construction paper), cut out the “triangle shapes connected by a bar at the bottom” to make the black cats ears. Glue the pink insides of the ears to the black cat ears.

Carefully glue the ears onto the back of the bag so that they stick up behind the cats head. Glue and apply firm pressure for several seconds to make sure that the ears properly stick.

Ta-da! You are all done and your spooky Halloween cat is ready to start speaking! Meow!!

We hope that you find this fun and easy Halloween craft enjoyable and something that you can apply to your class, civic event, day care, or family outing! Enjoy and happy Halloween from Hygloss.