When Unicorns Meet Hearts. DIY Unicorn Valentine Wands. This is a super fun kids project using Hygloss foil papers. A project that also helps kids to explore their imagination and think out of the box. Parents this also makes a great Valentine party theme. Imagine the possibilities.


Step One

Draw a basic heart shape onto a sheet of bright paper sheets. Then cut out with craft scissors. We used red and pink paper.

Step Two

Cut several strips of foil paper, then folded in half. Next cut thin strips into the folded paper to form fringe. Set aside.

Step Three

Draw a long thin triangle shape, cut out. This will be the Unicorn’s horn. Cut Ear shapes and diamond shapes for the eyes.

Step Four

Glue all the added shapes to the heart. See the photos as a guide.

Step Five

Add the foil fringe to the heart shape to form the Unicorns hair.

Step Six

Draw on eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks using paint pens, gel pens or crayons. I used paint pens and gel pens.

Step Seven

Glue to the finished Unicorn valentines to a paper straw. Let dry.

Now you are ready to write sentiments on your valentine wand. Try writing some down on a cute tag and tie to your wand with bakery twine or gift wrap streamers. These would make great party favors, party crafts or cake toppers. So much fun and the kids will love it.

See you soon,


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