Are your kids dreaming of unicorns? Imagine a world where rainbows gleam in the sky even on the sunniest of days. A place where gardens are alive outside all year, fairies flicker around from flower to flower making sure they have enough pollen for their bumble bee friends, not to mention some golden honey. Here you will also find flying bears, pink swans and dazzling unicorns.

Some days in our studio we imagine a place like this and just want to be a fairy unicorn or create like one. Today I would like to share a fun project; DIY Unicorn Headband. This fun piece is a basic headband transformed w/Hygloss Products; tissue paper, felt, feather boa, glitter & glue. Let’s grab some of those supplies and get started on a magical adventure filled with some unicorn magic….


  1. Cut the large sheet of tissue paper in half with scissors. roll each cut piece into a flat coil. (Resemble paper ribbon)
  2. Apply some kids choice glue to the end of the headband, roll around the headband, gluing as you go. Add the additional coil to the band using the second tissue paper band and glue.
  3. Cut the felt sheet into a triangle sheet, roll to form a think cone and glue closed using more kids choice glue. Let Dry (See pictures for example of the cone width, it should look like a unicorn horn)
  4. Now attach the felt horn to the center of the tissue wrapped headband using kids choice glue, let dry.
  5. Apply a thin layer of 3-in-1 glue to the felt horn, lightly sprinkle with glitter, shake off access, let dry.
  6. Attach a piece of feather boa to the rim of the horn, and randomly layers paper flowers to the sides of the headbands using kids choice glue.
  7. Create a 3-D coil around the felt horn using kids choice glue, sprinkle with more glitter, let dry.
  8. Now you are ready to wear your unicorn tiara and share some magic.

Hope you liked our latest DIY project and are inspired to make your own. These are perfect to make with the kids for a special event, birthday party, costume or anytime fun.

Come by the studio this week for some more fun projects!


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