We still can’t get enough of the southwest vibe. Here is a fun little cactus project I created using felt, paper, batting and craft glue. Super fast and easy to make. Scroll on down for the supply list and instructions…..


Step One

Copy or draw a simple cactus pattern onto paper, cut out.
Step Two

Trace the cactus pattern onto felt using a pencil or pen.
Step Three

Cut out the cactus pattern onto felt two times.

Step Four

Glue the borders of the cactus with glue of choice. Let Dry a 1/2 hour.  Make your to leave a 2 inch opening for the batting. 

Step Five

Stuff the cactus with batting. Once desired thickness is reached, glue the opening closed, set aside to dry.

Step Six

Paint the wood cube with craft paint, let dry. I used pale pink paint.

Step Seven

Cut small random rectangle shapes from fluorescent pink paper and glue to the front and back of the cactus.

Step Eight

Assemble your piece together by gluing the felt cactus to the wood cube at the base. Let dry.
Now your cactus is ready to display in your favorite spot of the house or office. Best part it needs no watering or care. This is a great way to make a variety of fun cactus shapes and sizes. Perfect gift for that cactus lover.

Stay tuned for more fun projects from our creative team and friends!

See you soon,


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