How about some sequin wall art today? Make your own with Hygloss Velvety Velour Paper, Hygloss Bucket O’ Sequins, small frame, craft pearls, gold cording and glue. A retro project with a modern touch the whole family will love to make. Let’s scroll down and get started.



  1. Remove glass and insert from frame.
  2. Play the insert from frame on top of a piece of velour paper, trace with a pencil.
  3. Cut the traced shape and insert into frame. ( you can discard the frame insert and the glass or save for another project. The cut piece of velour is your new frame insert.
  4. Start playing with the sequins and pearls to build a fun scene. Glue in place. ( we created a mushroom scene for ours)
  5. Finally line parts of your art with gold cording and glue in place. 

This is such a fun project with endless possibilities that the whole family will love. These could even be table name plates or turn into sparkly silhouettes.

See you next time with more fun projects,


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