Who doesn’t love ice pops, rocket pops and snow cones? Every summer we all wait for the ice cream truck to stroll down our street. The first thing we get are rocket pops. Three yummy flavors all in one, just like the snow cone. Cherry, red raspberry and lemon, you can’t go wrong with those flavors.

Today I want to share with you a quick craft for Memorial Day using Hygloss Foam Sheets, Hygloss Glitter and Hygloss Magnetic Sheets. Best part is, no calories involved. Let’s scroll down and make some faux rocket pops and snow cones.


Directions For Snow Cone

Step One 

Print a medium sized circle template from the computer, cut and trace onto a sheet of 2 white foam (you need 2 white circle pieces) 1 red foam and 1 blue foam. Then draw a medium sized triangle shape from white foam, cut all pieces out. 

Step Two

Cut pretty scalloped edges around each circle using decorative scissors or pinking shears. See photo above.

Step Three

Draw 3 lines about 1.5 inches apart, cut with regular scissor. Layer each piece onto the second white circle. Glue in place. See photos below.

Step Four

Mark a rim about 1/2 inch from bottom base, this is your guide line for the snow cone base. Place the triangle shape on this mark, glue in place. 

Step Five

Layer each snow cone color with glitter, let dry. 

Directions For Rocket Pop

Step One

Draw a baby bottle shape onto a white foam sheet. Cut out. Optional- Cut 2 slanted lines and a 1/2 circle in the bottom of the shape like I did. You could use this as a template.

Step Two

Cut red, white and blue rectangle shapes and glue to the top of the rocket pop base. Then add a popstick shape to the base. We opted to paint the red and blue colors and just cut a white rectangle shape. 

For Both Projects

Cut pieces from magnetic strips and attach to the back of the snow cone and rocket pop. Use our self adhesive magnetic strips for this. Tips

  1. Trace the base of a veggie or tomato tin, coffee cup or cd, for the snow cone circle.
  2. Personalize with names, sequins and rhinestones.
  3. Draw fun faces on these.
  4. Turn into banners, garland or ornaments .

Come back soon for more fun projects using Hygloss Products.


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