You don’t need a green thumb to grow these sweet cactus. Just some Hygloss pebbles, small garden stones, paint and decorative candy cups.  This is the perfect project to introduce the kids to cacti and succulents. Best part is they don’t need watering and can be any shape or color.

These small potted beauties make the perfect accessories for your next party. You can customize them to fit your style and theme. Even wrap them up, add a cute tag and give as party favors. So many possibilities!



  1. Paint the garden stones and pebbles in colors of choice, let dry. I used pink and green.
  2. Add fun details like thin sprinkle shapes or dots. 
  3. Fill a candy cup to the rim with small pebbles. 
  4. Insert the painted cactus stones into the cups. 

Your potted cactus are ready for their party debut. Even looking to find a home on your favorite shelf or table. Looking forward to seeing what you create.


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