Keep your place in your textbook or favorite scary story with a DIY Monster Corner Bookmark! These are easy to make and using high-quality Hygloss Metallic Foil Paper you can make monsters in all types of sizes and shapes that will delight!


Hygloss Magnet Sheet

Hygloss Bucket O-Sequins

Hygloss Bucket O-Buttons




Glue Stick

Magic Markers


Draw your monsters and Halloween pictures! Draw anything you like, using the whole Hygloss Magnet Sheet. You can draw directly on the page with a pencil. You can erase your lines but they may not erase completely so take your time with your design.

We suggest maybe practicing what you want to draw on a blank piece of paper first and then copying your drawing to make it easier!


Color and decorate your Halloween magnets. You can use markers or pens to draw, color, and fill in your monsters! We do not recommend paint or colored pencils because they do not work as well on the surface of the magnet sheet.

Add glitter, sparkles, stickers, buttons, or sequins to you monster magnets!
Above we used liquid glue for the sequins and buttons and a glue stick for the glitter.


Cut out your monster shapes! Carefully using scissors, cut out your Monster shapes. Make sure you use sharp and strong scissors since the sheet is a little bit thick for cutting. You will probably want to have a teacher or parent cut these out for you.

You can cut them out into squares or rectangles or cut them with a white outline or edge-to-edge as we have shown above.

These look great on your classroom white board or home fridge!

These spooky pals are now ready to stick to any magnetic surface and they will look great on your home refrigerator or locker at school to celebrate Halloween!

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