Ahh, the library. It’s a place that retains a great deal of nostalgia for older students, teachers, and parents alike. The library is not just a building or room with a bunch of rows, shelves, books, and women named Marge who are going to tell you to keep it down. It’s a place—a nexus of adventures. Children and adults alike can go there to escape into a multitude of worlds. Whether it’s fantasy or the reader has an interest in our world and its wonderful animals and nature. One thing is for certain though, in these hallowed halls, there must be order. Most libraries can’t afford to hire someone who will remember your face, keep order and make sure that you return the things you borrowed. That’s okay though, at Hygloss, we have all the right tools to keep things in order for teachers and staff, as well as fun for children!

Reading is Highly Important for Development

Reading is an incredibly important activity for children and adults alike. The choices and actions we take are a product of how we think, and how we think is a product of how we exercise our thoughts. When we practice reading and writing, we are actively learning to organize our thoughts in a specific way. Reading is a phenomenal way to get a mental workout, but also get outside of your own mind and take in the experiences of others—whether fictional or real or somewhere in between. Reading is still the predominant gateway to knowledge, and literacy is one of the most fundamental cornerstones of basic education. Not everyone needs to have high verbal ability, but having a basic and well-practiced ability to read and discern information is something that will set children up for success in their endeavors.

How though, how can we get children to read? There are many tactics and exercises that can be used in classrooms, but that would warrant an entire post of its own. There is one thing that children do respond to though…

They respond to fun!

Here are a few items that can spice up classroom life for your students:

Bright Library Cards

bright library cards

The basic staple of library rentals, the card! I recall many books with beat-up library cards that had been used and abused. The handwriting was barely legible and space ran out so you had to find some awkward place to scribble your name. How frustrating must that be for a librarian who has to check these things?

Perhaps you’re a teacher that has a little personal collection of books for your students so that they can borrow for designated reading periods in class. What better way to foster a love of reading than carrying some prime choices that you know children will love? Things do get lost in the shuffle though, and these cards are a fantastic way to keep track of what students have borrowed your books.

The cards are made up of sturdy stock paper which will guarantee that they won’t bend, fold, or rip easily. You can get them in white or an assorted color pack which has red, yellow, orange, green, blue, pink, and white.

Mighty Bright Library Pockets

bright library pockets

These colorful library pockets are useful for a wide variety of things in the classroom or the library. They are seats and resist fading and can accept all mediums of writing so that you never have to worry about something easily smudging! You can purchase them in adhesive or non-adhesive styles. These pockets have their most basic use as folders to hold classroom documents like packets of graded papers being returned. They can be hung up on walls and used to hold attendance sheets, children love doing tasks that involve getting out of their seats. Imagine a very young child’s joy of being handed a bright red or blue folder and being asked to put it on the wall slot where the attendance goes!

You can pin multiple folders on bulletin boards for various activities or even use them creatively for certain games. One fun use we’ve seen is pinning 3-5 of them on the board and playing group educational games for treats or small prizes. You take the students through a series of questions on the material they should know and they’ll put their answers in the right folder depending on what the answer is.

Book Buddies

ringed book tags

There’s perhaps a no better way to encourage children to read than to be able to show them their progress in a colorful and enticing way. Book buddies are just the way to do that! It’s simple, a book ring where you can insert as many book buddies as you’d like. We’ll be excited and proud if any of your students can fill the ring up! Book buddies are a fantastic way to keep track of what books your students have read. They can be used as assignments for young children too! Since short stories have long since been mainstays of primary school literature due to their shorter length and easier to grasp concepts, book buddies can be a great way to give your students a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction by being able to look at their book buddies at the end of the year and go over how many short stories and books that were covered in class. The act of adding one more to the ring is addicting as well!

Buy Classroom Supplies Online

Reading is one of the most important skills and interests to foster in young minds. Using the right tools in the classroom to spice up the reading experience can make all the difference. We offer a wide variety of educational supplies that are sure to appeal to teachers and students alike!

If you’d like to learn more about our products, contact us or give us a call at (973)-458-1700!

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