This post is for you, parents and teachers! For generations, children have enjoyed creating arts and crafts projects in school. These are the more memorable assignments for a reason, they keep children engaged and invested in seeing them through to the end. In other words, we know anecdotally that these activities are great for our kids, you’ll be happy to know that this is also scientifically validated as well. Let’s take a look at why!

Arts and Crafts Help Children Develop Motor Skills

This one is the most straightforward, as when children are young their motor skills and even the little muscles in their arms and hands are still developing. Practicing activities that allow children to practice using them will inevitably make them develop fully and more capably.  Consider all of the little things adults take for granted that goes into creating craft projects. You need to paint and make brush strokes large and small. You often must use scissors carefully (provided your child is of the right age) to cut strips or shapes out of paper.

As the projects become more advanced, so too does the precision required to make smaller and more intricate things. When doing all of this, hand-eye coordination is being developed as well as spatial awareness when it comes to projects that are 3D or not limited to canvas. This means children have to make choices on how to fit things together in real-time, which leads us to our next point…

Improve Cognitive Development with Arts and Crafts Projects

The very act of creation is one of the primary differences between animals and us. We are capable of visualizing and imagining things that are not there—in other words, our minds can occupy a mental space outside of the immediate present. That is a fancy way of saying, even as children, we can picture what it might be like to put a carrot on the face of a snowman, or draw a star on a piece of paper, color it in, and then cut it out and glue it someplace. We take advantage of our very basic abilities to visualize and imagine things, but they are very powerful abilities.

At Hygloss Products, we focus on the essentials for arts and crafts. We believe in supplying well constructed and well thought out basics for educational and craft supplies. The rest is up to the infinite imaginations of children to make whatever they can think of!

Develop Self-Esteem and Social Skills through Art Projects

Most people would agree that finishing something you worked hard on gives its own sense of satisfaction. Whether you’re a child or an adult, the feeling is the same. One of the best parts of arts and crafts projects is that there is seldom a right or wrong. Even when a project goes off the rails, it can always be fashioned into something else or there are times where you discover that mistakes led to the creation of something better. This is a perfect reprieve from some of the more rigid areas of learning such as math or grammar, which are focused only on wrong and right.

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