4 Items That Preschool Kids Love

The Importance of Preschool

Preschool is a very important place for developing children. The skills they will learn in preschool will be the foundation of their entry into primary school. Preschool is not just a place for learning basics, but it’s also a place in which children must learn to get along with their peers as well as grow comfortable receiving guidance from other adults. It’s a well-known fact that receiving quality care in preschool gives many children a leg up going forward. In other words, making your child's preschool experience the most engaging it can be will pay huge dividends down the line for that child. Here are some small but impactful ways to make preschool more engaging through our preschool must-haves!

Bright Sheets of Paper

bright sheets of paper
If you could ask anyone what their ideal preschool life would be, they’d tell you that they would love nothing more than to make simple and fun projects. There is a reason many adults return to arts and crafts in their older years, they require a calm focus that ultimately leaves you feeling relaxed and fulfilled. The basis of any quality class time should be teaching students how to work on something from start to finish. With teacher supervision and safety scissors, children may cut up these bright sheets of paper for arts and crafts projects. Just letting them cut paper with safety scissors will help them develop their fine motor control. Cutting paper with scissors is something that is still deeply satisfying for many people well into their adult years, so it’s a guaranteed hit with children.

Colored Craft Cups

In preschool, projects tend to be simple. Usually, it’s enough for many children to have fun just using glue to place small objects onto paper. Our Colored Craft Cups make for delightful tools to put paint, glue or small craft supplies into so that things don’t get too messy. It’s always best to give children just enough for what they need to do. With these colorful cups, supplies can be distributed evenly among students so that everyone can join in on the fun!

Bingo Cards & Chips Set

bingo cards
Ultimately, preschool is about having your child learn to play well with others and feel comfortable in a communal learning environment. One of the best ways to establish this feeling is to play group games. Our deluxe Bingo Cards & Chips Set comes with 50 colored bingo cards (so students can pick and show off their favorite colors) as well as 1000 chips.

Classroom Stickers

classroom stickers
At the end of the day (literally), preschool should foster a sense of positive feeling for children. There is perhaps nothing more heartwarming than a parent picking their child up from preschool and seeing their bright smile as they point to their “I Did My Best Today!” sticker. Children should always be rewarded for doing a good job, teachers can use these stickers to reward children who behaved exceptionally well or overcame a difficulty they had before. All children improve at their own pace, and when their time comes you can let them choose from one of these stickers as a special reward.

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