Children’s Educational Supplies For Learning Numbers

You think College is tough? Let me tell you, grade school is tough. At least in college, you’ve seen some of that material before. You’re building on the same foundation you’ve been building on for the past 10 or so years. What about in kindergarten or 1st grade? Getting the hang of your letters or your numbers is a new concept, revolutionary even. The two things you need to know are how to read, write, and count. It is no small chance that Hygloss offers products for all of those requirements. Teachers or parents or parent-teachers, if you’re looking for some fun products to get your kids to learn how to count and enjoy it, read on!

Use The Classroom As a Learning Environment

colorful numbered paper fish
We know that classrooms are learning environments where a teacher can teach students all they need to know to pass their grades and meet the standards. However, consider that what separates a good classroom from a great classroom is how it is decorated. Whether in high-school or elementary most adults can recall some of their favorite teachers also having classrooms full of cool posters, props, and decorations. Those decorations weren’t merely just for fun, chances are they were teaching you something too. If something is fun to look at and is also educational, that’s a big win in our books—and it’s our philosophy for what makes a good product and educational supply. These 7.5” Counting Fish Accents are a perfect add on to your classroom environment. They feature all of the qualities children enjoy. These happy looking fish are sure to be pleasing to young children, but they also have numbers on all of them so that they can teach your kids how to count. You can even play a game with these! You may order them in numerical order, or you can choose to scatter them out of order and to teach children how to count, ask them point at which color fish is first and which comes next! If that isn’t enough, consider also accenting the classroom bulletin boards with this Counting Fish Border. A lot of excitement in elementary school classrooms stems around bulletin boards. Exciting creative projects would get pinned to the boards, fun and colorful calendars as well as upcoming events such as classroom birthdays or parties.

Number Learning Card Games

number learning cards
The Number Building Cards feature an array of different ways to practice and improve counting. The best part about these cards is that they are “write and wipe”, meaning that you can write on them with a dry-erase marker or use them with playdough for some of the activities on the cards. There are a total of 61 total educational activities such as tracing numbers, picture matching, connecting the dots, and more! You’re sure to never run out of things to do with these cards.
numeracy kits
If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, look no further than the Dazzlin’ Dough Numeracy Kit! This numeracy kit includes 32 sturdy, laminated cards that are able to be written on as well. They include the same games and number of ways to play as the number building cards, however this kit comes with 6 ounces EACH of red, yellow, and blue dough; a dry erase marker, black crayon, and book ring. This kit ensures you’ll have all the tools you need to make the most of out of the laminated play cards so that learning to count will be all fun and games and less rote learning.

Number Learning Educational Supplies

Hygloss Products is a national premier provider of children's educational and classroom supplies. Our supplies are a big hit with classrooms all over the United States for the reasons that they are simple, fun, and effective at teaching kids how to count, read, write, and explore their creativity! Hygloss has been helping teachers and parents foster a love for learning for more than 30 years! If you have any questions about our products, please contact us or give us a call at 1-973-458-1700!
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