Classroom Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day 

March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day! It’s time to bring the Luck O’ The Irish to the children in your classroom this March! There are many fun activities, crafts, games, and lessons that you can craft around this iconic holiday. Since the 17th century, thousands of people have been celebrating this holiday by commemorating the celebration of Saint Patrick’s life, the foremost patron saint of Ireland. Celebrations involving green attire, festivals, parades, and shamrocks are incredibly common during this day. We have a number of products that you can fashion into festive Saint Patrick’s day arts, crafts, and activities come this March 17th!

Happy Shamrocks Border!

This border will certainly add the St. Patrick’s day flair to your classroom; our happy shamrocks put a smile on so your student’s can put one on as well. These can be used to border windows, walls, desks, bulletin boards, and more! Each border contains 36 feet of borders, made out of 12 strips 3in x 36in.

Green Grass Name Plates!

Spice up the name plates for your kids this Saint Patrick’s day! These go great with our happy shamrocks border listed above. Our green grass die-cut name plates can be paired with cut-out gold coins and festive drawings of leprechauns! These name plates will help liven up any classroom situation, and they’ll go great with the green-shamrock theme for St. Patrick’s Day! They are perfect for labeling student’s desks, cubbies, hooks, lockers, and more! These name cards are made from high-quality card stock with a glossy, smooth finish.

Cut-out Shamrock Shapes!

At Hygloss, we carry 6” shamrocks that can really rock the classroom this St. Patrick’s Day! These shamrocks are made from premium quality green paper, and will enhance your children’s bulletin boards, activities, arts and crafts, displays, and more! These are easy to use, festive, and convenient for every activity imaginable! There are 40 pieces per pack, so there are definitely enough to go around. They can be used for notes, cards, and a ton of other kid’s projects. These paper shamrocks work well with glue, glitter, markers, colored pencils, sharpies, paints, and more! Foster your student’s creative side this St. Patrick’s Day with our paper shamrocks today!


You can fashion multiple custom-gold-coins out of our double-sided metallic foil! Our foil is made out of high-quality craft paper that is ideal for scrapbooking, card making, and creating gold coins for St. Patrick’s Day! You can use them as markers for a bingo game, rewards for right answers, and filling your very own pot-o-gold.


Balloons add a festive touch to any classroom, any time of the year. Our balloons come in multiple colors, but it’ll be the green ones that you find useful this March 17th. These balloons can be used to add a holiday touch to the classroom and inspire your student’s creativity.

Buy Educational Arts and Crafts Materials

If you are looking to spice your classroom up for St. Patrick’s Day or just need some new materials for your classroom, shop with Hygloss today! We have educational materials, craft paper, much-needed classroom essentials, arts & crafts, and more! If you have any questions about our products, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-(800) 444-9456 or visit our contact page today! Happy St. Patrick’s Day from everyone at Hygloss Products!
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