Craft Stick Monograms

Need a fun way to create table markers this holiday season? Get the Kids involved to help create some holiday magic. Just grab some Hygloss Products: craft sticks, foil paper, gloss paper, sequins. Add some paint and craft glue. These could be turned into room art, holiday ornaments. table markers and more. Supplies Directions
  1. Glue 4 popstixs together using craft glue, let dry. This will be your frame base. Craft Stick Monograms
  2. Cut squares from paper to fit the the back of your frame base. Craft Stick Monograms
  3. Layer strips of foil paper to onto the plain paper using craft glue. Craft Stick Monograms
  4. Draw your the letter of your first name onto the foil lined paper square using a pencil.
  5. Apply a good amount of craft glue onto the penciled letter. Add sequins to cover the glue. Let dry. Craft Stick Monograms
  6. Glue this sequined letter base to the back of the popstixs frame. let dry.
After everything is dry, add a piece of bakery twine, cording or yarn and turn your piece into a holiday ornament. Try spelling out the sentiment. "Noel" onto 4 different frames and place on the mantel. You could use these as festive table makers for your guests this holiday season. These monogram pieces are so fun to make and add some sparkle to your home. Best part the kids love making these. Have some fun this holiday season and visit us again soon for more festive and creative ideas. Lisa
Ages 6+
Level 2
30 min
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