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Ask anyone to recall their fondest memories of elementary or pre-school (if they can!) and while many may recite joyous tales of recess and playing tag. Most adults can still vividly remember the classrooms in which they were in and out of. The decorations of a classroom are an important aspect of providing a welcoming classroom environment. Ideally, the wall of a classroom should be highly decorated with all manner of items. Here are a few choice items that will make any classroom shine.

Classroom Essentials to Welcome Students

classroom welcome poster
To children, a classroom is like its own world. It certainly felt that way for yours truly when I was that age. One of the most subtle decorations that make a big impact is welcome decorations. Welcome products serve to do just that…they welcome children and guests into the classroom! The classroom welcome poster is a particularly good choice here as it establishes whose classroom it is, what grade they teach and what the room number is. Another huge benefit to this product is that it can really be a lifesaver for the students themselves. Picture this: it’s the first week of a new school year. You’re a student and the teacher has asked you to take an item to Ms. NextDoorLady’s room. This has been known to happen as teachers certainly cannot leave a whole room of grade schoolers alone. So, you go out into the hallway and proceed to panic. You don’t know where her room is even though your teacher instructed you. It’s only a hallway of a few rooms, but given that you’re in elementary school, it may be too frightening or embarrassing to walk into the wrong class and ask the teacher where the room is. Fortunately, that’s not going to happen, because the wonderful Ms. NextDoorLady had invested in a Classroom Welcome Poster.

Wall Decorations To Create Atmosphere

Having a colorful and eccentric classroom has always been the hallmark of most memorable teachers. Of course, the decorations were merely an extension of that teacher's personality, but it really felt like stepping into their world. Our colorful classroom themes offer something for every type of teacher. Whether that is the artistic paintbrushes theme for teachers who love arts and crafts or the sports theme for teachers who are doing double duty with gym or recess activities! Besides themes, a decoration that kids love is happy birthday posters. These posters are ways to list a child's birthday and what day it is. They are colorful posters that are separated by month which you can use to keep track of everyone’s birthdays. Children love checking the list and finding out when their friends and classmates birthdays are. Birthdays become a little less exciting as you get older, but for children, they are one of the most anticipated events because celebrations usually mean parties, games, cake, and candy.
behavior product
Lastly, and this can either be a source of great joy or frustration, but for teachers, it is useful to have classroom behavior management products. These can be either stickers, cards, bookmarks, or bulletin board kits. These behavior tools let students know how well they’ve been behaving and often provides an incentive for students to keep disruptions to a minimum since good behavior is often rewarded in elementary classrooms.

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Provide a welcoming environment to make your students comfortable in your classroom! Hygloss Products is a provider of high-quality arts and crafts supplies as well as educational materials for classrooms. Our products are designed to be fun and engaging to students as well as fulfill many needs teachers have for their classroom needs. Between our classroom decorations, arts and craft, and our classroom themes, your classroom is bound to be one which will captivate students from day 1. If you have any questions about our products contact us here or give us a call at 1-(800)-444-9456!
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