Fall Bucket List

What does Fall mean to you? Here’s a fun project to welcome the fall season. This is perfect for introducing fall or quarterly goals to students, kids, teachers and parents. [caption id="attachment_4610" align="alignnone" width="721"]Hygloss Stickers Kolorstix Make this fun, fall-themed classroom craft with Hygloss stickers and Hygloss Kolorstix.[/caption] All you need are a few Hygloss Products to complete this project. MATERIALS USED FOR STICKS: Hygloss Happy Leaves Stickers Hygloss Happy Pumpkins Stickers Hyglss Kolorstix  Sharpie marker MATERIALS USED FOR "BUCKET" CUP:  Hygloss Collage Stickey Boards (3" x 4.5") Oval Plastic cup Paint pen or Sharpie marker   STEP ONE:  [caption id="attachment_4620" align="aligncenter" width="531"] Write your fall goals for your "bucket list"[/caption] Choose fall colors from the Hygloss Kolorstix. Here we used Red, Orange and Yellow. Write fall goals onto each stick. Keep the goals easy, fun and achievable. Some goal ideas; “Visit a Pumpkin Patch”, “Make a Gift for Someone”, “Eat Pumpkin Pie”, “Smile at Others”, “Have More Gratitude”, “Wake Up Early”, etc.   STEP TWO:  Attach a two pumpkin or leaf stickers to the top of each stick. Attaching two stickers will finish off the sticks and adhere each sticker to each backing. STEP THREE:  Cut an oval shape from sticky paper. Write “Fall Bucket List” unto it using a sharpie. Paint a border or fall icons into it. We painted a pumpkin. Peel backing and attach to a plastic drinking cup. STEP FOUR:  Insert your sticks into the bucket and start achieving some fall goals!
Make as many fall bucket list sticks as you wish. Customize them to fit your classroom or family goal plans. Try using a recycled jar instead of a plastic cup. This project can be down for every season. Such a great way to start achieving goals.
Ages 6+
Level 2
1 hrs
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