Get Your Students Excited About Reading!

At Hygloss Products, we believe that a great education is one of the most important building blocks to a successful and happy life. Reading is a paramount skill, because reading comprehension affects every single subject, from math and science, to history and literature (especially literature). One of the hardest things a teacher can do is get an unruly or uninterested student excited about a particular subject that the student has no real interest in. Fear not! Hygloss Products has a few tips to help get your students excited about reading come this Fall semester.

Track Your Student’s Reading Efforts

passport to reading classroom supplies reading tools
It's time to take a reading trip!
There are quite a few ways to track the amount that your students are reading; however, tracking sometimes isn’t enough! Make sure to reward the top readers in each class! Our passport to reading serves as a great motivational reading tool to help teachers track the amount of reading that is getting done in the classroom. This is a fantastic tool to help promote reading: it is basically a blank reading book log that encourages growth, reading, and accomplishment. You can also try to make reading a competition! Try and create a year-long graphical representation of the amount of books each student reads. This can be done by cutting strips of paper that resemble book spines and stapling them to a board on the wall. Each strip – or book spine – will have the title of the book read underneath the name of the student. At the end of the year, this “stack” of books will have grown exponentially like a large-scale visual bar graph. Since students will see their fellow classmates’ “stacks”, it will encourage healthy competition in the form of reading. If you need another tool to help you and your students keep track of the books they have read, have no fear! The bright book buddies are here. We utilize bright cardstock cards with a book ring to enable efficient book tracking to help young children enter the world of reading.

Create Custom Classroom Bookmarks

custom bookmark kit classroom supplies
Create your own bookmarks!
Allowing your students to create their own bookmark will inspire their inner sense of creativity and stimulate their imagination. Take a look at our bookmark kit! This is a great way to help set healthy reading habits for young children. Each kit contains 12 book marks and a plethora of decorations. The kit includes holographic, metallic, and mirror paper, gummed shapes, tissue squares, glitter, and plastic lacing. If this isn’t a great reading incentive, then we’re not sure what is! We also carry bright blank bookmarks. These bookmarks can be utilized for any event, holiday, or creative purpose.

Get the Parents Involved

Two books and an apple, classroom supplies
Don't forget the healthy snacks!
Encourage the parents to get involved in the education of their children. For example, have the parents cut a deal with the children: set the children’s bedtimes 20 minutes later, as long as they agree that this time can only be spent on reading. You’d be surprised how much more reading will get done! There are many special events that you can schedule to encourage reading in the classroom. For example, if you have a specific book that the whole classroom is reading, decorate the classroom based on the theme of the book! If it’s a Harry Potter book, encourage the students to dress up as wizards! You could even schedule a read in bed day! Here’s how you do it: tell your students to come in their PJ’s one day and bring their sleeping bags. Assemble a selection of special books, or tell your children to bring their favorite books from home. You can get the parents involved by telling them to volunteer snacks, such as milk and cookies or other sweets.

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To get the most out of your classroom reading education, it helps to have the right tools. Click here to take a look at all of the reading essentials that Hygloss Products supplies to help get your students excited about reading! It’s easier to cultivate a love of reading in the hearts of your children if you have the right supplies and equipment behind you.
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