Learning Your Student’s Names 

A new semester brings a lot of new activities, students, and things to remember for a teacher. One of the most important things to remember as a teacher is your student’s names! Calling someone by their name instead of “hey you” is always going to grab someone’s attention; it’ll also make them respond to you in a kinder, more understanding fashion. Young children deserve to be called by their names, but it can be difficult to remember a whole classroom full of 20+ names during the start of the semester. Many teachers utilize classroom name plates and name tags during the first few weeks of school so everyone can learn each other’s name for the rest of the semester.

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If it’s the first few days of the semester, there is no better way to learn your student’s name than name tags! Buying name tags for your new students will also help kids learn their fellow classmate’s name as well. We have a number of adhesive name tags for sale online! We have a number of fun and festive themes to choose from! With themes like sports balls, smiley faces, rainbow people, happy paintbrushes, globes, assorted fish, bugs, and chocolate chips, there is something for every student! These are helpful aids for teachers to memorize the names of a class full of students. These self-adhesive tags can also be stuck to lockers, backpacks, cubbies, and books to designate ownership. Here’s a good idea! Write your contact info on each child’s name tags during a trip in case they get lost while out and about. This can help a lost student reach you in record time. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

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Student name plates are ideal for the first few days of school or whenever there is a new teacher. It’s a helpful aid for teachers to memorize the names of a class full of new students/ These plat4es can also be used to designate lockers and practice the student’s writing. The name plates provide ample space to write names and they can be made to sit perfectly on any desk and are great for all situations! The writing area comes with guidelines for new students, so they’ll (hopefully!) write their names in the designated writing area. At Hygloss, we offer a range of educational classroom essentials, arts, and crafts for the discerning educator. These name plates are found in convenient packs, and can be stored for later use. These name plates are also great when designating classroom seating charts, as the students will be led to the desk with their name on it! We have a variety of classroom name plates to choose from, with themes like apples, school buses, ocean waves, green grass, alphabets, globes, sea life, assorted fishes, happy paintbrushes, sports balls, stars, smiley faces, and rainbow people! There is something for everyone at Hygloss, and we appreciate you for stopping by! Contact us at 1-800-444-9456 if you have any questions about an order or our existing products. Use our contact page to send us a question or a comment!
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