Seahorse Coasters

What are your travel plans this summer? Heading to the beach? Even if you can't make it to the seashore this summer you can start making fun family crafts using a few simple household items. MATERIALS USED FOR THIS PROJECT: Hygloss Popstix Pencil Paint Paint Brush Glue Modge Podge Spray (sealer)   STEP ONE:  Place two Hygloss Popstix onto a craft mat or a disposable paper surface. Apply a line of glue to each Popstix. Then begin layering Popstix over these two until covered to form a square coaster. STEP ONE:  Once your glue has dried, draw a pattern, shape, or design onto the top of the coaster. You can use a stencil or printed pattern if you like or just draw something cute, like a seahorse freehand Step Three   Color your design using paint or markers! You can add your initials to the coaster to make it your own if you like!     Step Four Once the paint dries, add a layer of Modge Podge to the top of your coaster to seal it for added protection from condensation. Now your Popstix summer coasters are ready to use. Try drawing other beach images or travel icons onto your coasters to remember your various summer adventures. Stay cool with more Hygloss craft ideas for long summer days at home or for your summer campers!

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Ages 9+
Level 3
1 hrs
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