The Simplest Christmas Crafts Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Winter has arrived and Christmas is just around the corner. It’s time to embrace the festive spirit of the season. Escape the cold weather by staying indoors and crafting together with your kids. Keep your little ones entertained with these Christmas crafts and in the meantime let them release their creativity. Christmas crafts will keep the children busy long after the big tree goes up! Decorating the tree is one among the best parts of Christmas, but after it’s done, it’s done. And toddlers with busy hands and active bodies might go ‘redecorate’ it a couple of times before Christmas Eve. That can be totally fine as long as the ornaments are all kid-safe. However, with lights, sharp branches, and other dangers, it would be best to offer kids something else to decorate. Or keep them distracted doing something else at least until the tree comes down. We have 20+ easy Christmas crafts for toddlers and preschoolers at every skill level. Need to add more decorations to your Christmas tree? There are fun Christmas tree ornament ideas that your kids are going to be excited to hold up. You are trying to find a personalized Christmas present you'll give to your family? Creating a snow globe or themed treat might be a good idea. Once you decide which craft or crafts to make, pair it with Christmas lights decorations to give your home the whole cozy Christmas feel. These Christmas crafts for toddlers and preschooler level will keep those excited kiddos busy, and give you adorable art to keep all season long. Have fun!

1. Snow globe card

Snow Globe Template Card in 2020 | Christmas cards kids, Christmas cards handmade, Diy christmas cards It might be the perfect gift for grandparents. This beautiful snow globe card can feature a photo of your kid, family etc. It is very simple to be done by kids of all ages, starting with toddlers. Use colours that you like. Draw snowflakes and put a ribbon on top. Cut the picture in a circle shape and glue it on the paper. You can get creative and cut the picture in different shapes as well.

2. Reindeer

Thumbprint reindeer Christmas cards. So cute! #Christmas | Christmas card crafts, Christmas cards handmade, Homemade christmas cards Recreate your family as a family of reindeers. Each family member has to paint his thumb and then print it on the postcard front. Draw the reindeer's horns, ears, red nose and eyes. Additionally, write Merry Christmas or other happy holiday wishes.

3. Paperstrip Trees

Paper-Strip Christmas Tree – Principia Acorn This is another simple craft to do with your child. Cut different colourful papers in rectangular shape like strips. They don't have to be all green. Take the strips and glue them together on a big white paper or any other colour you would like as the background. Do not forget to add a sparkling start on the top of the tree.

4. Button Baubles

How to make - Christmas cards with baubles + free printables » [es.kaa.] makes Collecting buttons like your Granny always did, but undecided what to try and do with them? These button bauble Christmas card s are simple and effective making them one among our favourite Christmas card ideas for kids to create.

5. Potato Print Snowmen

Homemade Christmas Cards | Cute christmas cards, Christmas cards handmade kids, Christmas cards kids Most of us have had a chance to do potato printing at some point in our childhood. You’ll only need white paint and a potato. This craft is very easy to create, clear up, and enjoy.

6. Cotton Wool Pad Snowman

Cotton wool pads - Snowman Christmas Card - Image 4 If you need a last minute crafty Christmas card idea, we got your back. Rush to your bathroom supplies to create this striking cotton wool pad creation.

7. Fingerprint Lights

Easy Christmas craft: How to make a thumbprint Christmas lights artwork - YouTube All you need to have is a selection of paint colours to hand and lots of little fingers that need entertaining. why not give a try at these fingerprint Christmas lights?

8. Footprint Trees » Blog Archive | Crafts for Children » Footprint Christmas Tree art for kids5 Might sound like a crazy idea but these festive footprint trees are sure to become a treasured keepsake for years to come when your little one isn’t so little anymore. Fun and simple, but do make sure your baby isn't going to step anywhere else.

9. Pasta Wreath

Easy DIY Pasta Christmas Ornaments Cheap yet incredibly effective! Paint some dried pasta bow ties any colour you prefer. Encourage kids to sprinkle their creations with glitter to add some extra sparkle.

10. Cupcake Wrapper Trees

DIY Felt Christmas Tree for Kids | Upcycle Your Life Another idea for parents and carers. Just get some bright cupcake wrappers and fold them into different sizes.

11. Cupcake Wrapper Angels

25 Delightful Cupcake Liner Crafts for Kids While you still have the cupcake wrapper idea in your mind, what about these friendly smiley angels? Ask children to draw each little face differently.

12. Ribbon Snowmen

Source: If you only have a white card to hand, try to do this modest ribbon snowman. It is plain simple and cute.

13. Pop Up Christmas Tree

Christmas tree pop up card | twiggynest Try creating your very own popup Christmas tree this time. Let children decorate the tree as much as they like. A little trickier than our other suggestions, we recommend following a tutorial to make it easier.

14. Handprint Santa

Chris and Paige: The One with Kid's Christmas Crafts | Childrens christmas crafts, Preschool christmas, Christmas crafts Lastly, grandparents will cherish these Christmas keepsakes from when the children were young. They are one of the most ideal Christmas card ideas to make if the children are very young.

15. Christmas Tree Paper Chain

Four Weeks Till Xmas - SLOAH Paper chains are one of the easiest things to make. To create this Christmas tree, cut green and red stripes of paper. Chain them together and assemble using the picture as a guide.

16. Balloon Christmas Light Garland

These Giant Balloon Ornaments Will Light-Up Your Christmas Make a Christmas light garland using balloons. To do this just glue balloons to cups. Then string them up like Christmas lights!

17. Popsicle Tree

popsicle tree Popsicle stick trees are fun. Kids can cut the sticks into different sizes to create their tree! Don't worry if your little ones aren’t ready for scissors, popsicle stick trees can be done without using scissors as well.

18. Handprint Tree Version

Handprint Christmas Tree | Festive Fun | Brisbane Kids Christmas tree handprint is a keeper, too!

19. Origami trees

02: Chonburi + Martel Origami trees are fun and not difficult to fold. You can easily store them for next year also!

20. Paper trees for the windows

How beautiful will this tissue paper trees look hanging in your window?

21. Accordion Christmas Trees

Christmas Craft for Kids | Family Food And Travel All kids can make this super-simple Christmas tree craft in just 5 minutes. Fold green craft paper accordion-style. Afterwards, add some colorful paper cutouts as ornaments. Don’t forget the star on top.

22. Styrofoam Balls Wreath

72 DIY Christmas Wreaths - How to Make a Holiday Wreath Craft To make this seasonal DIY just arrange styrofoam balls in varying sizes around a styrofoam wreath form. Add a burst of colour with a satin bow that complements your front door.

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