3 Exciting Ways to Decorate Your Classroom

Classroom color and decor is a must-have! Whether it's seasonal, themed, or a fun display of class artwork, Hygloss can help cut the work in half. Here are three simple ideas for your classroom to look its best this school year:

1. Beautiful Borders

Bunnies, Bugs and Be Your Best are three of the border themes you can find in Hygloss’ Classroom Theme section! We have a number of nameplates, borders and stickers in each theme that can be used in various creative ways to add to the color and creativity of your classroom. Add borders to your bulletin boards, and use a matching-theme nameplate for each of your students.

2. Hang It Up!

Painting and decorating Styrofoam is a fun and functional classroom art project! Add visual interest while displaying your students’ artwork: simply attach the finished projects to paperclips and string in order to hang them from the ceiling tiles. Hygloss’ Styrofoam section contains many shapes and sizes of Styrofoam to trigger the imagination, including stars, eggs, hearts and cones! There is no limit to what you can create!

3. Happy Birthday to You!

Marking the birthdays of your students can be a special way to decorate your classroom. Nameplates featuring the months’ celebrants can be posted to a border-decorated board, or you can use a Happy Birthday Poster from our Classroom Poster collection to list students under their birthday month! The variety of options are endless with this fun and personalized décor idea. Other Hygloss classroom posters include classroom rules, colors and shapes, and classroom schedule- among many others! With the full catalog of Hygloss classroom decor at your disposal, you can ensure that your class need never be bleak or boring again. We offer seasonal options and are here to support you in all of your classroom art, crafts, decorating and project supply needs. Feel free to contact us today with any questions, requests or feedback!
Ages 1+
Level 1
15 min
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