Our Top 5 Craft Items Kids Love

We sell lots of wonderful products here at Hygloss, from classroom essentials and themes to a wide variety of arts and crafts. Unsurprisingly, some of our most popular products are our arts and crafts products, which are a huge hit with kids (and some adults!) Arts and crafts projects are one of the best ways to let children stimulate and exercise their imaginations, work on their planning skills, and use their hands to put it all together! Teaching children how to handle their own projects from start to finish will give them confidence, and most importantly will have them looking forward to each and every day at school. Here are 5 of our craft products that kids love! 1 – Glitter
hygloss glitter
Kids love our glitter! Parents and teachers? Not so much… For generations, glitter has been an appealing craft to make things sparkly. I recall vividly the ol' one-two punch of spreading glue on a surface and then pouring glitter over it—that was high tech stuff back then and I’ve no doubt that this ancient technique has been passed down from generation to generation of primary school children. The best part about glitter is the numerous colors it comes in, we make it a point to keep stock on several different colors because we know that mix and matching is the best way to use it! 2 – Yarn Our assorted pack of yarn comes with 12 colors and 24 yards of each color. The highest quality yarn is 100% acrylic and that’s exactly what we provide. Yarn has a dizzying amount of uses, you can wrap it around your projects, use it as threading to tie things together in a colorful way, or give it to the real or imaginary cat! 3 – Foam
hygloss foam
Foam is highly useful as a craft material, and Hygloss Foam Mosaic shapes can be glued onto sheets to provide a 3D effect, or can be skewered with toothpicks or other items to provide wonderful shapes and contours to your projects! These pre-cut foam shapes are more advanced, smaller pieces, and are not suitable for younger children under the age of 3. These nifty shapes save loads of time and provide variety right out of the bag! 4 – Craft Paper What are arts and crafts without craft paper? It’s the backbone of all arts and crafts projects. This sturdy paper type can be used as a canvas, or even as outer layering for objects that you want to dress up! The most important quality of craft paper is that it is colorful and/or sturdy! Our Corrugated Craft Paper is exceptionally sturdy and can be reliably used creative arts projects that require a strong shape such as boxes for dioramas or displays that need good durability and won’t break down during a presentation! 5 – Craft Kit Treasure Boxes
hygloss making masterpieces kit
Assembling all of the items necessary for an arts and crafts project can be tedious and oftentimes, while you’re making the project, you realize you forgot something! You’ll never run into this problem with our craft kits! For example, the Making Masterpieces Art Kit comes with a wide variety of items! This kit has enough items so that there is no shortage of things that can be created. Don’t worry though! If you find yourself unsure of what to do or need a few inspirations, the kit comes with the Making Masterpieces book that has over 290 craft project ideas!

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At Hygloss Products, we make it our mission to provide the very best in educational supplies as well as arts and crafts. Parents, teachers, and students all over the country have been able to enjoy our products in classrooms and at home for over a decade. We strive to make the educational experience for children as fun as it can be through our products! If you have any questions about our products, do not hesitate to contact us here. We will be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have about a particular product, bulk pricing, or the ordering process. We hope to hear from you soon!
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