Turtle Wall Art

Today I'm sharing a fun turtle project to help get the kids excited about Spring. Its a great way to teach your kids about these exciting creatures. Turtles are so much fun to draw and to learn about. I love seeing them pop out during the Spring time. So let's get started and make some turtles.... Supplies Step One Trace a circle shape onto a piece of art board using the lid of a medium box or bowl, this is the turtles body. Then trace a smaller circle shape connecting to the medium circle shape, this is the turtles head. Step Two Add two arms and legs by drawing curved oval shapes. Step Three Cut 1/2 inch strips from different bright paper sheets. We used pink, blue, purple, and green. Step Four Fold each end of the cut strips, then glue to the circle lines of the turtles body. Folding the paper ends helps to glue the paper better to the turtle. Step Five Finally color in the turtle with markers and gel pens. Now you can add some extra details surrounding the turtle with gel pens, pencils, markers, paint pens, glitter and sequins. Then hang on the wall. This is such a fun project to help cure those winter blues and get the kids excited about Spring and Summer. Stay tuned for more creative projects from Hygloss! Lisa    
Ages 6+
Level 1
30 min
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