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Design Your Own Paper Tube Rocket

Who has not gazed at the stars and dreamt of riding a rocket into outer space? Using a household paper towel tube, a few Hygloss products, scissors, and tape, you can design your own rocket, fueled by imagination.


Hygloss Metallic Foil Board Chain Strips

Hygloss Holographic Cardstock

Hygloss Metallic Foil Board

Hygloss Bright Tag

Scotch Tape


“Paper towel” Paper tube


Take 8-10 Hygloss Metallic Chain Strips to wrap around the body of the rocket. Use as many strips as needed.

Use scotch tape to tape the individual pieces in place.


Once you have your rocket fuselage covered, take an additional Hygloss Chain strip to wrap around the body vertically to make a dynamic racing stripe!!


Now that the body of your rocket is done, it is time to make the cone for the top of your rocket! First, draw the diameter of your cone on the back of a piece of Hygloss Holographic paper. To do this, just draw a “half circle”.

Now, carefully cut out your rocket cone using scissors. Don’t worry, if you make your cone “too big” you can always trim down the overall size later. 


Now it is time to make this half circle into a rocket cone! Gently curl the paper in your hands as shown above.

Fold paper completely to make a cone shape. Use scotch tape to hold the two sides together, making your rocket cone! We are going to attach the cone in the last step, but you can attach the cone to your rocket now if you want. 


Now it is time to make the wings that will go at the bottom of the rocket. First step is to draw your wing shape on a piece of Hygloss Bright Tag or any other type of colored paper stock. Cut out your first wing using scissors.

Use your first “wing” as a template and draw two or three more wings out of the same piece of colored paper stock. Use any shape and size you like for your wing shapes!

Next, attached the wings to your rocket fuselage using scotch tape. We recommend using tape on both sides of the wing to keep it on securely. 


The last step, if you haven’t done it already, is to place the rocket cone on top of your rocket! Use a little tape in a couple of places on the underside of the cone and the rocket to keep the cone in place. You are all done! 

Safely fly your rocket from the safety of your own two hands and with the fuel of your imagination! The sky is the limit for your creativity.