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Halloween Paper Cone Witch Craft

Learn how to make this fun and fast Halloween craft with our step-by-step instructions below!

It’s officially October! Do you know what that means? It means apple picking, pumpkin pie, candy corn, and Halloween. Make this your spookiest Halloween yet with Hygloss Products. Today we are sharing fun Paper Cone Witches. These sweet witches will add some magic to the classroom, house or party. Just grab some Hygloss Supplies such as Velour Paper, Foil Paper, Buttons and You’re Imagination. Let’s scroll down and make a bunch now before they disappear.

Materials You Will Need to Complete:


Gather your necessary materials first!

Cut velour paper into 4 square shapes. Roll one of the squares into a cone shape, glue in place. Cut off any excess. Then draw a large circle shape on the next square and a small 1 inch circle onto art board, cut both shapes out.


Place the 1 inch circle shape onto the center of the larger circle and trace. Cut that out of the center.

Cut tiny slits into the center circle.


Place over the cone shape, at the point and glue in place. This forms the hat.


Glue the 1 inch circle shape underneath the hat, in the center of the cone. This creates the face base of your witch.


Cut thin strips from foil paper, cut each strip into 3. Then fold, twist and glue the strips to the cone just beneath the hat base.


Paint the face onto the 1-inch shape using craft paint or sharpies.


Now attach the arms to the cone shape. Do this by cut 2 small strips from velour paper. Cut a slit at each end. Glue in place.


All done! She looks great!

Create the witches broom using a Hygloss Color Stix and cut tissue paper. When finished attach to the cone shape. Then add a strip of felt and a button to the hat.


Make more than one! Personalize and decorate them differently and place them in your favorite places!

For the second witch, we omitted the broom and add sequin stars from a Bucket O’Sequins, Hygloss Products. Get creative and try different colors. Add more sequin shapes, glitter or beads. Create these sweet witches using card stock, holographic paper, corrugated paper or felt. Add bakery twine or ribbon and turn into an ornament – so many possibilities!

Stay tuned for more spook-tacular projects!