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Hexagon Pop Stix Frame

What is a hexagon? A hexagon is a 6-sided  polygon. It’s a flat shape with straight sides.

We are crafting up a storm this summer. Between camp days and craft nights. Our latest project was inspired by the dynamic duo, Midge and Madge Mingle, who created a fun hexagon frame using Hygloss Pop stixs. Today we created a few new versions using all varieties of Hygloss Pop Stixs; Rainbow, Regular and Jumbo. Then added some sequins to finish off. This a great way to introduce hexagon shapes to your kids.

Once completed these hexagons are ready to show off. Make a few of them and mount to the wall. Hang up with twine. Use thicker ones as shelves for holding small cacti and succulents. The choice is yours….Let’s scroll down to get started!


Step One

Start forming a hexagon shape using Hygloss Pop Stixs. Glue each stix together. This will be your base. See Photos. 

Step Two

Create another hexagon shape over the base shape. Repeat until all the pop stixs are used. Glue each stix together and onto of each layer. You will use a whole package for one frame. See Photos.

Step Three

Finally paint your hexagon frame, add sequins, stain or coat it with glitter. 

I used all three pop stix styles from Hygloss Products; Rainbow, Regular and Jumbo, to make these fun frames. The rainbow colors are always a hit with kids and teens. This project has so many possibilities. Make them as thick or thin as you wish. The thicker frames work well as shadow boxes too. You could even paint polka dots, stripes or fun patterns on these. 

Are you inspired yet? Hope so! Stay tuned for more fun projects from Hygloss Products!