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Kids Homemade Christmas Cards

It’s countdown until Christmas, so we’ve been busy making kids homemade Christmas cards, both in the classroom and at home, in order have them ready to hand out to schoolmates and family members.

This simple Christmas craft for kids can be made easily and quickly or can be gussied up with all kinds of accents to make it personalized and extra special.


Step One

Start by folding a bright paper sheet in half. We chose red to compliment our green Christmas tree. Now take two sheets of Bright Sheets (in two different shades of green) and cut a triangle out of each of them for your tree. (Place one sheet of paper on top of the other and cut simultaneously so they’ll come out the same size and shape.)

Step Two

Using scissors, cut slits through the sides of the triangles to add dimension to your trees.

Step Three

Glue one tree to the front of each card. Cut a tree trunk out of brown felt and glue it in place. Cut a star out of yellow or metallic paper or paste a gold sticker star at the top of the tree.

I feel that the simpler these cards are, the more elegant they look. But I know that kids do not feel the same way! For kids, the more glam, the better! Kids homemade Christmas cards can be decorated with sequins, glitter, stickers, buttons, and anything else their little hearts can dream of.

When it’s time to write a message to loved ones inside the cards, help your kids think of something special to write. Rather than just “Merry Christmas,” ask them to tell you what part of the holiday they’re most looking forward to, or what they love most about whomever the card is dedicated to. As lovely as it is to receive a simple Christmas craft for kids, what will really stand out is the message your little one comes up with, which family and friends can treasure for years to come.

And might I remind you that we teachers love getting kids homemade Christmas cards? A few sweet words from a student are always appreciated more than any gift money can buy.

Visit us again tomorrow for more Holiday crafting ideas!