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Lets Make Valentines!

Getting into the valentines Vibe today by making some fun valentines with the kids using Hygloss Paper Brights, Foil Paper, Sequins, Scissors & Glue. These are so easy to make and perfect for all ages.


Step One

Draw a basic heart shape onto a sheet of bright paper sheets. Then cut out with craft scissors. We used red and pink paper.

Step Two

Cut strips fro the foil paper and bright sheets, then cut square shapes into the strips.

Step Three

Start gluing the cut paper squares onto the heart shapes. Make sure to leave a tiny space between the squares. Add sequins to spell valentine words. Sprinkle on some glitter if you like.

For the fringe valentine, we cut 2 strips of foil paper, then folded in half. Next we cut thin strips into the folded paper to form fringe. Then glued to the back edge of the heart.

Once complete you can have your kids write their valentine sentiments to the back of the hearts.

Come back later for fun Valentine Unicorn Wands using the same supplies in addition to paper straws and paint pens.