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Managing a Classroom of Kids

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been teaching children for years or are a newly graduated teacher; a classroom full of kids can get very rowdy! Kids are full of energy and are prone to distraction, so it’s not always your fault if the classroom starts to get noisy. It’s easy to throw in the towel, but regaining control of your classroom is a skill that every teacher should be familiar with. Don’t wait until your classroom erupts into full-blown chaos; regain control of your classroom with these helpful tips!

Hand Signals

hand signal classroom

I’m sure you remember it from elementary school: most teachers had a hand signal, gesture, or noise they made to help redirect attention and quiet rowdy kids. A time-proven technique is to raise one hand above your head with the pointer finger extended, with your other hand doing the same over your lips while gently saying “shhh”. If you do this repeatedly at the start of the semester, most of the well-behaved kids will follow suit.

Separate Disruptive Students

If there are two or more students that are consistently noisy with each other, it can help the classroom dynamic by rearranging the seating chart and moving those noisy kids away from each other. Social relationships among children are natural and incredibly common, but two or three noisy kids can really disrupt the learning experience for the other children. Use good judgement and warn the kids prior to rearrangement; hopefully they’ll get the idea and save the rowdiness for recess. We offer behavioral products such as behavior charts, pockets, and stickers to offer positive reinforcement for good behavior.

Be Honest

If there is a child who is consistently causing trouble and hurting the learning experience of the other children, take him/her aside and try and have an honest conversation with them. Be loving, caring, and gentle, and do not harshly admonish the child. Remember: never be mean to a kid, but be firm and make them realize that what they are doing is not ok in a classroom setting.

Lead Your Students by Example

Children often learn through observation. If you tell your kids not to text or eat in class, then you shouldn’t either! This removes the rebuttal that kids often make: “if you’re doing it, why can’t I do it too?” Classroom management is a full-time job and you have to make sure that you are setting a good example for your kids. A great teacher can really leave a positive impact on a young student.

Teacher Supplies

A great way to bring in the reins in a classroom setting is giving your kids something fun and productive to do! Arts and crafts are a great way to give your kids something to do while creating a positive and healthy learning experience. There are a ton of different activities that Hygloss Products offers! You can make your own hat while teaching your students about Abraham Lincoln, Cat in the Hat, or the purpose of a Sheriff! You can instruct the students to make their own grad cap and teach them the importance of staying in school and getting good grades! Another great idea is to theme your classroom about a certain topic such as sports, and encourage their athletic interests. At Hygloss Products, we provide creative and fun learning solutions for young children. Call us at 1-(800) 444-9456 for information on products or a current order.