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Monster Corner Bookmark

Keep your place in your textbook or favorite scary story with a DIY Monster Corner Bookmark! These are easy to make and using high-quality Hygloss Metallic Foil Paper you can make monsters in all types of sizes and shapes that will delight!


Hygloss Metallic Foil Paper

Hygloss Wiggle Eyes




Carefully measure on the backside of your Hygloss Metallic Foil Paper. If you want your monster to be a perfect triangle then you will want to make sure that you carefully measure with a ruler and draw the lines of your square shape. In our example, we started with a square that is 4 inches by 4 inches.

Next, carefully cut out your square with scissors.


Carefully fold your square in half to make a triangle. Crease your fold to make it a permanent triangle shape. Then, take one end of the triangle and fold it up toward the top and crease it as shown.


This next step is a little tricky and it might take you a couple of tries to get it. Take the right and left side “wings” of your paper shape and fold them down toward the open end of your triangle. If you do this correctly, you should end up with a closed diamond shape, like this!


Now, fold the two “wings” in to make a pocket. When you are done, this will make the face of your monster and the monster’s upper lip. Crease the paper when you have tucked the folds inside to make it a permanent fold.


The next part is optional but we think that it adds some life to your monster bookmark by giving them a tongue! Measure the size of the shape of the tongue, probably 3 3/4 inches by 3 3/4 inches to fit into the monsters face. We recommend using Hygloss Bright Tag instead of colored paper stock because it is heavier and will last longer over time. If you do not have Bright Tag, any colored paper stock will work fine.

Apply a small dab of glue to the back of the Bright Tag or paper and glue to the bottom of the monster’s mouth. It is important that you glue this piece to the bottom of the head and not to the upper lip so that when you apply the bookmark the tongue will not obstruct.


 Using your scissors, cut out your monsters teeth or fangs. Again, we suggest that you use white cardstock for the teeth so that they will not bend as easily when used but regular, white copy paper will work just as well. Glue your fangs to the TOP and underside of the monster’s mouth (upper lip). 


Lastly, peel the backing off of your Hygloss Wiggle Eyes, one at a time, and apply two eyes to complete your monsters face! You are all done! Great job!

Set your monster loose on all of your favorites books and textbooks for school to save your place on the page. Try out different colors and shape combinations and show your friends and classmates how they can make Monster Corner Bookmarks too! 

Special thanks to the awesome Kids Craft Blog Red Ted Art for the idea!