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North Pole Christmas Ornaments

Bring Santa’s crew to life: Elves, Frosty, Blue Reindeer & more with Hygloss Jumbo Wood Popstixs, Foam Sheets & Sequins. Just add some paints, craft glue, and twine to hang. This fun set of ornaments are fast and easy to do. Great for ages 4 and up, even the adults.


Step One

Paint the jumbo popstixs in various colors. (We used white for the snowman, baby blue for the reindeer, pale green and teal for the elves, red for Santa.)

Step Two

Cut Santa’s beard, the elves hats, one snowman hat and two belts from white craft foam. Cut the other snowman hat and Santa’s belt from black craft foam.

Step Three

Paint the faces using white and black dots, cheeks use pale pink, orange for the nose. (Tip-dip the back of a paintbrush into paint and press the dots on the faces that way. Makes smoother dot shapes)

Step Four

Glue the cut foam shapes onto each Hygloss Popstix. Paint in additional details, add the reindeer antlers, sequins, and rhinestones. Hold in place with glue.

Step Five

Add the bakers twine or ribbon to the top end of the finished ornament.

This is a great project to do with the kids. Have them make a bunch decorate the tree with. Hope you all have fun.