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Bucket O` Gravel

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Gravel art is a unique medium for crafts projects that will appeal to all ages. With our vibrantly colored gravel you’ll be able to create a variety of lovely crafts with simplicity and ease. Sold in buckets of 16 oz.

From: $5.99

Colorful Gravel works well to create interesting textured surfaces. Apply to picture frames, vases, planter boxes or potted plants, album covers, notebooks and more for your own uniquely personalized items. Multicolored gravel adds a colorful splash to a fish tank or aquarium and might just be the perfect breathable material to bed your classroom pet.

With so many colors of gravel, there is a whole rainbow of possibilities out there for you. So, what are you waiting for?

Hygloss Bucket O’ Gravel is 16 oz. reusable containers filled with the finest quality gravel. You can also get assortment packs of 6 colors.


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