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Cardboard Sheets, White & Gray/ Brown, 28 Pt.

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This premium quality cardboard will be so useful to have in your craft supply, you’ll keep coming back for more! White semi-gloss clay coated on one side, with brown or gray on reverse. Its medium thickness of 28 pt. makes it stiff and durable, yet easy to cut.

From: $4.99

The cardboard sheets are 28 pt. thick, making them durable and strong, yet still easy to cut with scissors. (Please note: thickness varies, and may be from 26 pt. to 30 pt.) One side is white, with a semi-gloss clay-coated finish. The other side is either Kraft (brown) or News (gray).

Use Hygloss Cardboard for as a backing for notepads, photos, and prints. Ideal for crafts and collages that need a sturdy surface. Available in a variety of sizes and quantities to suit your individual needs.


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