Dippity Dye Color Powder

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Get Dippity Die paper dye powder for all your paper dying needs. Washable and non-toxic, Dippity Dye powders will provide hours of fun for young and old crafters alike. Each package contains 8 packets of dye powder.


Dippity-Dye color powder is washable, non-toxic and are available in red, yellow, green or blue packets. The dye comes in powder form; just mix with water to get the desired shade of color. Use our paper dye powder with Dippity Dye Paper Flowers, Turkeys, Stars and Circle Shapes. Dippity Dye color powder is a great way to teach color blending to young children; let them watch in fascination as you drip 2 colors onto the paper and they bleed into each other to make a third color.

Each pack contains 8 packets of dye.


  • Mix each small packet of dye powder with 8 oz. water, or all 8 packets with 2 quarts of water.
  • For deeper color, use less water. To intensify the color, you may add 2 teaspoons vinegar per cup.
  • Dip paper into the solution. Have fun experimenting with different ways: Try folding the paper and dipping each corner into a different color. Twist or crumple the paper and dip into colors randomly. Or fill a dropper with the solution and drip onto the paper.



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