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Rainbow People Happy Birthday Poster

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Make each child’s birthday extra special with this Rainbow People Happy Birthday Poster, where you can keep track and post all your students’ birthdays according to the months. The poster measures 17″ x 22″. It is made from premium card stock with a glossy finish.

Minimum order: 6 pieces


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All children look forward to their special day. Now you have a chance to acknowledge this and help children anticipate their birthdays by using this Rainbow People Happy Birthday Poster. Each month will put a few lucky students in the spotlight, as everyone who sees this poster will know who’s birthday is coming up. It allows both the teacher and friends to remember each birthday and to celebrate accordingly. The Happy Birthday Poster measures 17″ x 22″. It is made from premium card stock with a glossy finish, and features brightly colored people each holding an object that symbolizes that month. The high quality of this poster ensures that it will hold up to the wear and tear of a classroom full of children.
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Minimum order: 6 pieces


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