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Hearts Sticker Strips- 2 Red, 2 Pink, 1 Magenta (Metallic)

Item #94716 In Stock

These metallic heart stickers come in strips of 7 metallic heart stickers. Each big sticker shape is approximately 2″ in size. With 5 strips per package, you get a total of 35 heart-shaped red, pink and magenta stickers. (Each strip measures 2″ x 14″)


Strips of self adhesive stickers for kids are great for use as poster accents, classroom decorations and bulletin board borders around Valentine’s Day. These acid-free, metallic heart stickers are perfect for Valentine crafts and all kinds of kids crafts. Children love to receive big stickers as classroom motivators as well.
You can leave the stickers connected or gently tear them apart to use the hearts individually. No matter what you use them for, these one-of-a-kind metallic heart stickers are sure to make a statement!


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