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Make-Your-Own Periscope Kit

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This Make-Your-Own Periscope Kit will provide endless excitement and adventure for children. Fun, educational and easy to assemble, these periscopes will give a secret view of what’s just around the corner. Each periscope, made from sturdy corrugated card board with a smooth white surface, measures 14″ x 1.25″ x 1.25″. Includes one sheet of 80 colorful circle stickers for each periscope.

Item # 59924
Item # 59927

Hygloss’ all-new Periscope Kit is the perfect arts and crafts project for inquisitive children who love hands-on learning. With easy-to-follow instructions, kids will enjoy creating their own working periscope. They can decorate it using the colorful stickers included, as well as adding on any other craft supplies you have on hand! The home-made periscope is great for imaginative play; it lets you see what’s around the corner, over walls, or above a play-submarine. Teachers can bring their lessons to a whole new level by introducing the Periscope Kit to teach about mirrors, reflections, spies, and more.


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