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Make Your Own Royal Crown - Gold Crowns with Gemstones

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Your child will feel like royalty with these premium gold card stock crowns and sparkly gemstones for decorating! Great for party activity, classroom fun, and dress up!

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Item # 65250

Have your dream royal party – make your kids’ birthday party grand! Your little prince or princess will surely feel like royalty in these fabulous crowns with sparkly gemstones. Let them creatively decorate their own personalized unique crowns and see them enjoy their themed parties with family and friends!


Made of high quality material, these party crowns are sturdy and durable. The gold card stock crowns are 5 inches high and 24 inches long, with adjustable notched closure. The premium non-adhesive different shaped gemstones in assorted colors are perfect for decorating the crown. Gemstones can be easily applied with glue. Great value for your money and a wonderful addition to your event and party supplies.


This fun do-it-yourself party headdress kit is also ideal for recreational activities like craft project, classroom games and activities, stage plays, handmade gifts and many more! Get creative and cut the gold card crown and turn it into a tiara for various styles of crowns. Assortment of gemstones give kids an extra creative touch when creating their own crown.


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