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Smiley Face Calendar (17 x 22")

Item #33810 In Stock

These Hygloss Calendars come in several inviting designs and will help get your students get interested in learning about the calendar.  We offer Smiley Calendar Cards to pair with this calendar.


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The Hygloss Calendar is a terrific teaching tool for your classroom. Help your students learn about the days and weeks of the month with their own calendar. Hygloss Calendars are sturdy enough for daily use and you can choose from calendars with smiley faces, bugs or rainbow people decorations. Days of the Week/ Weather Calendar Cards and Monthly Calendar Cards are sold separately and can be used in conjunction with the Hygloss Calendar for interactive learning.


The large wall calendar measures 17 inches x 22 inches, large enough for students to get a good view from anywhere in the classroom!

For a super-coordinated classroom, check out our entire line of SMILEY THEMED PRODUCTS.


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