Snippy® Original 5″ Blunt Tip Scissors

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Snippy® Original 5″ scissors are made from superior quality materials, and are designed to last. These blunt-tip scissors are easy for children to grasp, and will cut through many types of paper and fabric.

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Snippy Original 5″ Blunt Scissors are the most popular choice of children scissors by school districts, preschools and daycares nation wide! These quality children’s scissors are easy to use and provide a smooth cutting experience. The blades are made from hardened and tempered stainless steel for a long lasting cutting edge. They will cut through paper, cardboard, fabric, and many other materials. The handles are made of durable ABS plastic. Snippy Original 5″ Blunt Scissors are designed for right or left handed use, but are better suited for righties.


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