Sparkle Spots Sticker Strips

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These unique Sparkle Spots come connected and can be gently torn into individual dots.  Each package has 960 dots in six different colors! Available in metallic and holographic, these self-adhesive dot stickers will enhance all your arts and crafts!


Give your craft projects that extra glimmer, with these multicolored Sparkle Spots Sticker Strips. You can leave these self adhesive color sticker dots connected to use as borders, or gently tear them to use one dot at a time. Each pack comes with 6 colors, and a total of 960 dots. They are available in metallic or sparkly holographic.

Children thrive on praise, so reinforce good behavior with sparkly dot stickers on a reward chart. These peel off stickers are also great for honing fine motor skills in young children.

Use Sparkle Spots Sticker Strips to embellish scrap books, greeting cards, holiday decorations, signs, posters, classroom decor, and so much more! There’s no limit to what the creative mind can think of for this specialty craft item!

  • Each dot measures .25″
  • 20 Feet of Dots total
  • 6 colors


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