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Styrofoam Discs

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Hygloss Styrofoam Discs are a superior quality craft item with endless possibilities. Choose from a variety of sizes. A perfect starting point for many fun and beautiful projects.

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Styrofoam Discs from Hygloss will excite and ignite young minds to craft unique projects that they will cherish. You can use them as a base for fake dummy cakes, wedding party decorations, centerpieces, or as a holder for your artificial flower heads. Works great for educational purposes like clocks or story telling props. Excellent for science projects, dioramas, holiday decorations or wreaths.


Get top quality craft Styrofoam only from Hygloss in a variety of sizes, widths, and quantities to suit your needs. These styrofoam disks are pre-cut with precision leaving them even, and perfectly leveled throughout. Lightweight yet sturdy, they have a course feel and are precision cut.


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